Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

OP2000/3000 Academic and Community Services

OP2200Library General Administration and Operations
32Library General Administration and Operations Files
OP2210Library Collection Development and Management
31Library Resources Review Files
32Electronic Resources Review Files
33Acquisition Files
34Library Trust Funds Files
35Gift Collection History Files
OP2220Library Reference, Research and Instructional Services
31Instructional / Education Services
32Reference / Research Services Files
OP2230Library Access Services
31Library Card Application Files
32Circulation Files
33Library Fines Management
34Laptop Loan / Study Space Application
OP2280Library Systems
31Integrated Library System - Acquisition Module
32Integrated Library System - Catalogue Module (QCAT)
33Integrated Library System - Circulation Module
34Integrated Library System - Patron Data
35Electronic Resources Management
36Systems Support Files
OP2290Library Services for Students with Disabilities
30Assistive / Adaptive Technology Support Services Files
31Library and Research Assistance Files
32Requests for Library Services for Students with Disabilities
33Training for Students with Disabilities
34Equipment Loan
35Alternate Formats and Transcription Services
OP2310Collections Management - Queen’s University Archives and W. D. Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections
31QUA Accession Files
32RBSC Item History Files
40QUA and RBSC Holdings Management
OP2330Archives Public Services
31Collection Access Files
32Reproduction Services Files
40User Registration and User Database
OP2350Conservation Services - Queen’s University Archives and W. D. Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections
31Conservation Treatment
32Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
OP2400Campus Security and Emergency Services
30Security Incident Files - General
31Security Incident Files - Sexual Violence and/or Sexual Misconduct
32Facility Access Files
33Campus Security Training Material
34Registered Employer of Private Investigators and Security Guard Files
35Use of Force Reports
40CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Recordings
41Central Alarm System
42Emergency Communication Systems
OP2500Event Services
31Event Coordination
32Summer Accommodations Casual Bookings
33Central Room Reservations (Non-academic Activities)
OP2600Agnes Etherington Art Centre Administration and Management
OP2700Athletics and Recreation Management
OP2710Recreation Programs & Sports Club Administration
OP2720Sports Event Administration
OP2730Administration of Student-athlete Information
31Prospective Student-athlete Profile
32Student-athlete Profile
33Alumni Student-athlete Profile
35Eligibility Certificates
OP2735Administration of Sport Therapy and Medical Information
31Sport Therapy and Medical Records
32Student-athlete Medical Clearance Information
OP2750Recreation Facility Operations
OP2770Inter-university Sport Program Management
OP2780Athletics & Recreation Online Service System
OP2790Camp for Minors Services
31Camp Registration Files
32Camp Incident Reports
33Sign-In / Sign-Out Forms
34Camp Activity Risk Assessment
35Camps Program Files
36Camp Personnel Files
OP2800Box Office Administration
OP3100Human Rights and Equity
30HREO Publication and Training Material
31Human Rights Advisory Services Files
34Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Advisory Services Files
35Equity Consultation Files
36Tri-Awards Files
37Internal Reporting
38External Reporting
40HREO Training Records Attendance Data
OP3150Harassment and Discrimination Reporting and Response
31Harassment and Discrimination Intake Files (General)
32Harassment and Discrimination Intake Files (Sexual Violence and/or Sexual Misconduct)
OP3300Ombuds Services
30Ombudsperson Advisory Committee Minutes
31Office of the University Ombudsperson Intake Files
32Safe Disclosure Reporting and Investigation (Pre May 2022)
OP3500Health Care Services - Queen’s Family Health Team
30QFHT Patient Files
OP3510Rehabilitation Therapy Services
30The Physical Therapy Clinic Patient Files (1997-2021)
OP3515Rehabilitation Services at the Health Hub
30Patient Files - Rehabilitation Services at the Health Hub
OP3520Psychology Clinic Services
30Psychology Clinic Patient Files
OP3530Psychoeducational Assessment Services
30Psychoeducational Assessment Patient Files
OP3540Developmental Disabilities Consulting Services
30DDCP Patient Files