Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionOP2000/3000 - Academic and Community Services

OP3100 Human Rights and Equity

DescriptionRecords documenting the functions and activities of providing advice, support and educational resources in the area of human rights, employment equity, educational equity, accessibility and sexual violence prevention and response (SVPR) in the Human Rights and Equity Office (HREO).
Includes advisory and consultation services, administration of educational programs, tri-awards and reporting to university governing bodies and government agencies.
Used For
Not Used ForNot used for faculty grievances, see AD5100.
Not used for non-bargaining unit academic staff grievances, see AD5100.
Not used for staff grievances, see AD5200.
Not used for the HREO's local committees or subcommittees files, see AD9100.
Not used for equity report created for cyclical program review, see EX3310.
Not used for fraud reporting and response, see EX4700.
Not used for improper acts reporting, see EX4800.
Not used for harassment and discrimination reporting and response (University Secretary), see OP3150.
Records Series
Other Notes
Approval Date21/04/2023

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