Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionOP2000/3000 - Academic and Community Services

OP2200 Library General Administration and Operations

DescriptionRecords documenting the general administrative and operational activities of library services and programs.
Used ForUsed for any aspect of general library function for which there is no specific records schedule.
Not Used ForNot used for library organized events, see AD1300.
Not used for financial records, see records group AD2000/3000.
Not used for human resources records, see AD4000/5000.
Not used for library internal policies, procedures, standards, planning files, organizational review files and all level of library internal meeting files, see AD9100.
Not used for Library Joint Health and Safety Committee files, see AD7100.
Not used for Senate Library Committee files, see EX2100.
Records Series
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Approval Date03/07/2024

Printed on Wednesday, Apr 24 2024