Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

AD6000 Physical Resources Management

AD6100Physical Plant Services Operation
31Physical Plant Services Planning Files
32Physical Plant Services Operations Files
AD6200Construction and Engineering Project Management
30Building Plans
31Building Construction and Engineering Project Files
AD6300Physical Properties Maintenance and Custodial Services
31Building Custodial Services Files
32Regular Building Maintenance files
40Asset Management System
AD6400Real Property Development and Management
31Real Property Acquisition Files
32Real Property Disposal Files
33Lease Management
AD6500Campus Planning and Development
AD6600Physical Resources Management
31Materials Inventory Control Files
32Materials Maintenance and Repair Files
AD6610Fleet Vehicle Management
30Fleet Vehicle Ownership Files
31Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Files
AD6620Administration of Professional Workwear
31Professional Work Wear Evaluation Committee
32Professional Work Wear Files
31Waste Audit
32Green House Gas Inventory
AD6800Parking Services
31Parking Services Customer Database
32Parking Services Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Agreements
33Parking Violation Appeal Files
AD6900Emergency Planning and Review