Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionAD6000 - Physical Resources Management

AD6100 Physical Plant Services Operation

DescriptionRecords documenting operational functions at Physical Plant Services.
Includes strategic planning and daily operational activities.
Used ForUsed for Physical Plant Services general functions. Specific functions see other AD6XXX schedules.
Not Used ForNot used for Construction and Engineering Project Management, see AD6200.
Not used for Physical Properties Maintenance and Custodial Services, see AD6300.
Not used for Real Property Development and Management, see AD6400.
Not used for Campus Planning and Development, see AD6500.
Not used for Physical Resources Management. See AD6600.
Not used for Fleet Vehicle Management, see AD6610.
Not used for Administration of Professional Workwear, see AD6620.
Not used for Sustainability, AD6700.
Not used for Parking Services, see AD6800.
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Approval Date31/10/2013

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