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OP8000 Research Management

OP8100Research Chairs Management
OP8200Establishment of Research Centres
OP8400Relations with Research Funding Institutions and Agencies
OP8410Research Grant Management (External Programs)
31Successful Research Grant Applications Files
32Unsuccessful Research Grant Applications Files
33Overdraft Applications
34Undergraduate Student Research Award Files
40Research Data Summary and Signature (DSS) Records
OP8420Research Grant Management (Internal Programs)
31Successful Research Grant Application Files - Peer Review
32Successful Research Grant Application Files - Travel Awards
33Unsuccessful Research Grant Applications Files
OP8430Research Contract Management
30Research Project Files
31Official Research Contract Files (Non-Clinical Trial)
32Official Research Contract Files (Clinical Trial)
33Non-finalized Research Project Files
OP8500Research Awards Administration
OP8600Research Ethics Administration
OP8650Research Integrity Administration
OP8700Research Support Services
OP8800International Research Programs
OP8900Animal Care Management