Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

EX1000 University Governance

EX1100University Strategic Planning
EX1200Senior Management
EX1250Facilitation of University Policy Development
30Policy Library Files
31Policy Development Liaison Files
EX1270Principal's Office Operations
31Principal's Office Senior Planning and Priorities
32Principal's Office General Operations Files
33Principal's Speeches and Writing
34Principal's Office Correspondence
35Organization of Principal's Events
EX1280Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) Operations
EX1300University Annual Review
EX1350Institutional Research and Planning
EX1400Administration of Nomination and Appointment to Governing Bodies
30Administration of Nominating Process to Governing Bodies
31Elections to Governing Bodies
32Orientation for New Members of Governing Bodies
33Selection of Members for Standing and Sub-committees of Governing Bodies
EX1500Board of Trustees
10Board of Trustees Minutes
11Board of Trustees Committee Minutes
12Appointment of Principal
EX1600External Relations
EX1700Relations with Higher Education Institutions
EX1750International Initiatives
31Prospective Academic Partner Evaluation
32International Academic Agreement Management
EX1760Government Relations
EX1770University Relations with Student Societies
EX1800Risk Management