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OP9000 Teaching and Learning

OP9100Curriculum Planning and Development - Faculty and Departmental
OP9200Course Administration
OP9500Administration of Student Assessment of Teaching
30Student Assessment of Teaching - Files
40University Student Assessment of Teaching Database
OP9600Instructional Development for Faculty
OP9700Academic Timetable Management
10University Timetable Committee
11University Timetable Dispute Resolution Committee
30University Timetabling Data Collection Files
40Timetable and Course Database
OP9800Organization of Examination Sessions
30Exam Planning and Timetable Files
31Exam Conflict / Special Arrangements Files
OP9850Preparation of Examinations
30Final Version of Confidential Examination Questions
31Final Version of Non-confidential Examinations
OP9900Academic Calendar Coordination
30Calendar Files
40Online Calendar Database