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Queen's University Directory of Records

The Queen's University Directory of Records provides a listing of the types of records held by the University, (as required by the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act). The Directory contains short descriptions of the functions carried out at the University and the records that result.

The directory is divided into three main records groups:

  • Administrative Records Group - Records that support the “housekeeping” functions common to all university departments and units.
  • Executive Records Group - Records of the senior level of management or governance. These records relate to the major strategies and decisions that set the course for the university as an institution within the higher education community.
  • Operations Management Records Group - Records that support the unique mandates and operations of the departments and units within the University.

Administrative Records Group

AD1000Communications and Public Relations
AD2000/3000Financial Management
AD4000/5000Human Resources Management
AD6000Physical Resources Management
AD7000Environmental Health and Safety Management
AD8000Information Management & Information Technologies
AD9000Local Administration

Executive Records Group

EX1000University Governance
EX2000/3000Academic Governance
EX4000Legal Issues Management

Operations Management Records Group

OP1000University Advancement
OP2000/3000Academic and Community Services
OP4000/5000Student Records Management
OP6000/7000Student Services
OP8000Research Management
OP9000Teaching and Learning

The Directory forms an hierarchical structure for the university's Records Retention Schedules, and therefore also serves as as a file classification scheme for the organization of university records in all media. The records retention schedules set limits for the retention of records and delineate accountability for those records. The schedules describe the functions in greater detail at the primary level, and also specific activities or transactions documented at the file (or secondary) level. The DOR is also referred to as the Functional Hierarchy.