Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

OP4000/5000 Student Records Management

OP4100Student Record - Office of the University Registrar
31Basic Biographical Information
32Other Biographical Information
33Contact Information
34Email Contact Information
35Academic Record
36Academic Standings
37Non-academic Indicators and Sanctions
38Student Grades
39Transcript Requests
40Change of Name
41Academic Changes
OP4200Faculty Office Undergraduate Student Record - Faculty of Arts and Science
30Academic Progress
31Sanctioned Student Files
OP4210Departmental Undergraduate Student Record
30Academic Progress
OP4300Student Recruitment - Undergraduate Programs
OP4400Student Registration
31Student Registration Files
32Student Card and Photo Identification Files
40Photo Identification Database
OP4500Student Admission - Undergraduate Programs
30Candidate Files (Successful)
31Candidate Files (Unsuccessful and Candidates Who Do Not Register)
40Annual Admissions Statistical Data
OP4600Administration of Student Fees
30Student Accounts Receivable Database (SAR)
31Student Fee Assessment
32Alternate Payment Arrangement
33Student Fee Refund Request
34Debit Memo
35Tax Certificate Data
36Student Fee Waiver Process
OP4700Awarding of Scholarships and Bursaries
30Renewable Scholarships and Bursaries Files (Successful Applicants)
31Non-Renewable Scholarships and Bursaries Files (Successful Applicants)
32Scholarships and Bursaries Files (Unsuccessful Applicants)
OP4810Administration of Government Loans
30Ontario Student Loan Files
31Out-of-Province Student Loan Files
32FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program) Student Loan Files
OP4820Administration of Student Line of Credit Program
30Student Line of Credit Files (Successful Applicants)
31Student Line of Credit Files (Unsuccessful Applicants)
OP4830Administration of Queen's University Student Short-Term and General Loans
30Queen's Short-Term Loan Files
31Queen's University General Loan Program Files
32Default Queen's University Student Loan File
OP4910Student Record - School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
30Graduate Student Files
OP4911Coordination of Recruitment - Graduate Programs
31Graduate Program Promotional Files
OP4912Student Admissions - Graduate Programs
30Applications to Graduate Programs
31Departmental Admissions Files
OP4914Administration of Graduate Student Awards
10Graduate Student Awards Committee
30Administration of Application for External Awards
31Departmental Internal Awards
OP4915Annual Evaluation of Graduate Students
31Annual Progress Reports
OP4916Thesis Completion
10Thesis Examination Committee
OP4917Administration of Postdoctoral Fellows
30Postdoctoral Fellow Online Registration
OP4919Departmental Graduate Student Record
30Graduate Student Files
OP4950Faculty of Law Student Record
30Law Professional Degree Student Files
OP4960Executive MBA Student Record
OP4970Post-Graduate Medical Trainee Record
30Resident's Files
31Post-Graduate Medical Resident Application Files (Unsuccessful Candidates)
32Clinical Fellows' and Research Fellows' Files
33Elective Trainees' Files
OP4981Teacher Candidate Practicum Placement - Faculty of Education
30Student Practicum Placement Files
31School Board/Associate School Files
32Practicum Registration
OP4982Administration of Teacher Candidate Practicum - Faculty of Education
30Faculty Liaison Files
31Teacher Candidate Assessment Files
32Associate Teacher Honoraria Files
OP4983Administration of Teacher Candidate Alternate Placements - Faculty of Education
30Student Alternative Placement Files
31Participating Institution Files
OP4984Administration of Teaching Awards - Faculty of Education
10Teaching Awards Committee Files - Chair
OP4985School Board Partnerships Management - Faculty of Education
30School Board Partnerships Files
OP4986Administration of International Teacher Placements - Faculty of Education
30ITPS Fees
31International Schools Files
32Qualifying Teacher Files
OP4987Administration of Career Placements - Faculty of Education
30Job Postings
31Teacher/Teacher Candidate Career Placement Files
32Employment History Data
OP4988Management of Career Placement Events - Faculty of Education
30Events Planning and Implementation Files
31Events Registration and Materials Submissions
OP4989Student Record - Continuing Teacher Education, Faculty of Education
30Continuing Teacher Education Program Student Files
OP5200Student Financial Advising
40Student Financial Advising Database
OP5300Student Assessment - Course Work
31Graded Final Examination Answer Papers
32Student Course Work
OP5600Student Academic Integrity
30Departure from Academic Integrity Cases - Level I
31Departure from Academic Integrity Cases - Level II
32Departure from Academic Integrity Cases - Do Not Proceed / Dismissed
OP5700Student Non-academic Misconduct Administration
31Non-Academic Misconduct Cases - General
32Non-Academic Misconduct Cases - Sexual Violence and/or Sexual Misconduct
33Athletics and Recreation NAM Cases
34Residence NAM Cases
35Authorized Agent NAM Cases
OP5800Awarding of Degrees
31Final Degree List
34Diploma Replacement
35Requests to Attend a Future Convocation Ceremony