Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

AD4000/5000 Human Resources Management

AD4100Human Resources Planning
30Hiring Faculty
31Hiring Principal
32Hiring Vice-Principals
33Hiring Academic Executives
34Hiring Staff
40Recruitment System - Applicants' Profiles
41Recruitment System - Job Requisition
AD4200Employee History Files
30Principal's and Vice-Principals' Personnel Files
31Employee Personnel Files
32Staff Employee Personnel Files - Local Copies
AD4210Departmental Academic Personnel Files
30Faculty, Librarian, Archivist Personnel Files
31Adjunct Faculty Personnel File
AD4215Departmental Casual Staff and Volunteer Files
31Departmental Casual Employee Files
32Files of Students Employed by the University
33Post-doctoral Fellow Files
34Departmental Paid Intern Files (Non-Queen's Students)
35Volunteer Files
AD4250Leave Management
AD4280Staff Contact Information
31Contact Lists
AD4300Payroll (Financial Services)
31Salary Payments
32Additional Pay Records
34Payroll (Supporting Documents)
AD4400Compensation and Benefits
AD4410Return to Work and Accommodation
30Return to Work and Accommodation Plan Case Files
AD4550Pension Administration
30Individual Pension Record
AD4570Job Description
AD4680Volunteer Administration
AD4690Casual and Commissioner Employment Administration
AD4700Staffing and Workforce Development
AD4900Employee Awards and Recognition
AD4950Learning and Development
AD5100Faculty Employee/Employer Relations
AD5200Staff Employee/Employer Relations
AD5500Faculty Relations - Agreement Negotiations
AD5600Retiree Engagement
31RAQ Membership Applications
32RAQ Membership Database