Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am

EX2000/3000 Academic Governance

EX2100Senate - Academic Governance
10Senate Official Minutes
11Senate Committee Minutes
12Selection of Honorary Degree Recipients
EX2150Academic Governance - Provost and VP Academic
EX2200University Council
10University Council Minutes
11University Council Committee Minutes
30Selection for Distinguished Service Awards
31Selection of University Chancellor
EX2400Provincial Level University Program Planning
EX2500Enrolment Planning
30Research and Planning Records
EX3100Faculty Board Operations
30Faculty Board Files
31Faculty Board Governing Documents
EX3200School of Graduate Studies - Academic Governance
EX3300Establishment of Academic Units and Programs
EX3310Cyclical Program Review (CPR)
30Coordination and Planning of Reviews
31Preparation for CPR - Academic Units
34Cyclical Program Reviews Records
35Administration of Review Team
36Preparation for Quality Assurance Audit
EX3320Accreditation of Degree Programs
EX3400Academic Unit Development
EX3670Establishment of Special Academic Positions
EX3710Academic Diversity