Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionOP4000/5000 - Student Records Management

OP4210 Departmental Undergraduate Student Record

DescriptionRecords documenting the monitoring of undergraduate students' academic progress and the administration of the departmental undergraduate student files.
Includes pre-registration, academic advising, tracking marks, credits and transfer credits, waivers, verification of illness, incomplete grade requests, awards, withdrawals, re-admissions, evaluation of academic performance, administration of appeal process, and administration of academic discipline.
Used For
Not Used ForNot used for Student Record - Office of the University Registrar, see OP4100.
Not used for faculty office student files, see OP4200.
Not used for Student Issue and Complaint Resolution, see OP5600.
Not used for Student Discipline, see OP5700.
Records Series
Other Notes Please note: The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) creates and maintains official student records. Academic units access some student information from the OUR for the purposes of carrying out operational and administrative duties relating to the documentation of academic progress.
Approval Date15/12/2011

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