Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionAD4000/5000 - Human Resources Management

AD4210 Departmental Academic Personnel Files

DescriptionRecords documenting the administration of faculty, adjunct, librarian and archivist personnel files at the faculty, departmental or other unit level at the University.
Includes the maintenance of a work history from the point of appointment to termination, separation from the university or retirement. Includes tracking of employment status, and performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, commendations, annual reporting, leave requests and approvals. Also includes the RTP (Renewal, Tenure and Promotion), RCAP (Renewal Continuing Appointment and Promotion) and reappointment processes for changing the academic and/or employment status of faculty members, adjuncts, librarians and archivists.
Used ForUsed for the Official File as described in the QUFA Collective Agreement, and also for files relating to clinical faculty not covered under the QUFA Collective Agreement. The Official File of each Member shall contain only material pertaining to the employment of the Member.
Not Used ForNot used for the employment history files held by Human Resources department, see AD4200.
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Approval Date03/07/2024

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