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ActivityAD4210 Departmental Academic Personnel Files
Records Series

30 - Faculty, Librarian, Archivist Personnel Files

OPRFaculty, Department or Library
DescriptionThere may be more than one OPR for records of faculty employed on an interdisciplinary basis.

Records documenting the employment status and employment history of a faculty member. Includes, but are not limited to, materials such as the Member’s curriculum vitae, Annual Report to the Dean, university transcripts, letters of application, references, salary and work history, student evaluations, disciplinary letters, assessments, commendatory letters, decisions and recommendations together with reasons arising from personnel decisions, correspondence, curriculum vitae updates, and copies of materials reflecting professional development and achievement. Also includes files created for RTP and RCAP and reappointment assessment purposes which are deemed to be an annex to the Official File.
Retention TriggerA faculty member, a librarian or an archivist separates from the University and any legal issues arising from employment at the University are closed by legal counsel.
Total Retention 5 years
Final ActionDP/AR
Disposition PlanTransfer to Archives the official copy of the appointment letter, the awarding of tenure letter, the promotion letter, last annual report and final curriculum vitae; all other material to be destroyed five years after the end of the calendar year that individual leaves the University.

Where faculty have been employed in more than one unit and more than one personnel file exists, disposition will be carried out on a collaborative basis.

Records used for RTP/RCAP and reappointment applications that are specified at the QUFA Collective Agreement Articles 30.9.1(b) and (c) and 31.8.1(b) are to be kept for one year after final RTP/RCAP or reappointment decision is made and all appeals are concluded, then to be destroyed.
Retention Rationale

Collective Agreement between Queen's University Faculty Association and Queen's University at Kington 34.5.1

Members' Official Files shall be archived in accordance with the University's records management schedules following a period of continuous non-appointment at the University.

Vital Records

This schedule applies to official records in all media. Convenience or duplicate copies of official records are considered transitory and should not be kept longer than necessary, and in no event longer than the official copy.


  • AR = Transfer to Archives
  • AY = End of Academic Year
  • CO = Continuous OVerwrite
  • CY = End of Calendar Year
  • D = Destroy / Delete
  • DP = Special Disposition Plan
  • FY = End of Fiscal Year
  • OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility
  • PIB = Personal Information Bank

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