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FunctionAD1000 - Communications and Public Relations

AD1550 General Inquiries and Complaints

DescriptionRecords documenting the maintenance and tracking of correspondence relating to issues and complaints arising from management, administration or operations at the departmental level at the University.
Includes correspondence received from individuals or groups (internal to the University or from the external community) that consists of complaints or the raising of issues that require a response from the department head or a delegate. Also includes the coordination of a response; tracking of inquiries and complaints and maintenance of the transaction documentation in all formats. May also include the negotiations and resolutions of issues and complaints.
Used For
Not Used ForNot used for management of issues and complaints at the university level. See AD1500.
Not used for Community Relations (Municipal or Regional). See AD1600.
Not used for relationships between University and Unions. See Labour Relations AD5500 and AD5600.
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Other Notes
Approval Date15/12/2011

Printed on Thursday, Jun 8 2023