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ActivityOP5600 Student Academic Integrity
Records Series

30 - Departure from Academic Integrity Cases - Level I

OPRCourse Faculty/School
DescriptionRecords consist of all evidence gathered of a possible departure from academic integrity, the official notice to the student, notes of meetings between the student and the instructor, communication of academic integrity administrator, sanction and/or remedy documentation, appeal documentation.
Retention TriggerGraduation from the student’s undergraduate or graduate studies, unless a student has initiated an appeal of an AI decision in which case the Retention Trigger is when the student has exhausted all appeal rights or the time for doing so has expired.
Total Retention Immediately perform final action and disposition plan (if available).
Final ActionDP/D
Disposition PlanWhere a student has a second finding of a departure from academic integrity, the Level I file becomes part of the subsequent finding and will be transferred to OP5600-31.
Retention Rationale

Academic Integrity Procedures 1.7 Level I Departure from Academic Integrity

When there is a finding of a departure from academic integrity categorized as Level I, the Faculty/School AI Administrator must create and maintain a file. Information in such files may only be released as permitted or required by these Procedures or when there is a future finding with respect to the same student. These records are destroyed upon the student’s graduation.

Vital Records

This schedule applies to official records in all media. Convenience or duplicate copies of official records are considered transitory and should not be kept longer than necessary, and in no event longer than the official copy.


  • AR = Transfer to Archives
  • AY = End of Academic Year
  • CO = Continuous OVerwrite
  • CY = End of Calendar Year
  • D = Destroy / Delete
  • DP = Special Disposition Plan
  • FY = End of Fiscal Year
  • OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility
  • PIB = Personal Information Bank

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