Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
ActivityAD7300 Off-Campus Activity Safety
Records Series

32 - Pre-departure Orientation

OPRDepartment of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
DescriptionRecords consist of online Pre-departure Orientation questionnaires.
Retention TriggerTraining completed.
Total Retention 2 years
Final ActionD
Disposition Plan
Retention Rationale
Retention based on anticipated operational use.
Vital Records

This schedule applies to official records in all media. Convenience or duplicate copies of official records are considered transitory and should not be kept longer than necessary, and in no event longer than the official copy.


  • AR = Transfer to Archives
  • AY = End of Academic Year
  • CO = Continuous OVerwrite
  • CY = End of Calendar Year
  • D = Destroy / Delete
  • DP = Special Disposition Plan
  • FY = End of Fiscal Year
  • OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility
  • PIB = Personal Information Bank

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