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ActivityAD4110 Hiring
Records Series

31 - Hiring Principal

OPRUniversity Secretariat and Legal Counsel
DescriptionRecords documenting the selection and appointment processes for Principals of the University. Also includes the preliminary call for comments and proposals from the community, submission to the Board of Trustees for approval. Records consist of signed confidentiality forms from Search Committee members, agendas and minutes from Search Committee meetings, advertisements and position profile documents, interview templates, application packages from candidates, reference letters, recommendation package to the Board of Trustees.
Retention TriggerSuccessor is hired.
Total Retention 1 year
Final ActionDP/D
Disposition PlanUnsuccessful candidates’ files to be destroyed two years after a candidate is hired . All other records to be destroyed one year after the successful candidate leaves the post and the successor to the successful candidate is hired. Ensure appropriate documentation for successful candidate is included in Employee File before destroying.
Retention Rationale

Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19 34 (1)

If a person believes that any of his or her rights under Part I have been infringed, the person may apply to the Tribunal for an order under section 45.2, (a) within one year after the incident to which the application relates; or (b) if there was a series of incidents, within one year after the last incident in the series. 2006, c. 30, s. 5.

Vital Records

This schedule applies to official records in all media. Convenience or duplicate copies of official records are considered transitory and should not be kept longer than necessary, and in no event longer than the official copy.


  • AR = Transfer to Archives
  • AY = End of Academic Year
  • CO = Continuous OVerwrite
  • CY = End of Calendar Year
  • D = Destroy / Delete
  • DP = Special Disposition Plan
  • FY = End of Fiscal Year
  • OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility
  • PIB = Personal Information Bank

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