Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionEX4000 - Legal Issues Management

EX4600 Dispute Resolution

DescriptionRecords documenting the management of disputes, appeals and discipline at the university.
Includes advisory services, co-ordination of appeals and arbitration for students and non-unionized staff. Also includes students non-academic discipline and safe disclosure reporting and investigation.
Used ForUsed for dispute files with involvement of students, Queen's University Staff Association (QUSA), exempted group, and Non-Bargaining Unit School of Medicine. Also used for University Student Appeal Board (USAB) cases.
Not Used ForNot used for Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Board, see OP3100.
Not used for Unionized Staff, see AD5200.
Not used for Student Non-Academic Misconduct, see OP5700.
Records Series
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Approval Date26/03/2021

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