Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am
FunctionAD1000 - Communications and Public Relations

AD1300 Administration of University and Departmental Events

DescriptionRecords documenting the administration of university-wide and departmental events.
Includes planning, implementation and administration of all events on behalf of the University or a university unit, and the organization of visits of individuals to the university.
Used ForUsed for convocations, lectures and speeches.
Used for the organization of conferences by departments and individuals on behalf of the university.
Used for event registrations.
Not Used ForNot used for financial accounts for the events, see Not used for financial accounts for the events, see AD2500.
Not used for events organized by the Office of the Principal, see EX1270.
Not used for Advancement events, see OP1100.
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Approval Date21/01/2020

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