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OP6000/7000 Student Services

OP6100Student Affairs Management
OP6600Student Centre Management
OP6700Residence Management
OP6800Apartment and Housing Services
OP6900Student Wellness Services
30Departmental Planning Files
31Student Patient / Client Files
40Appointment Scheduling System
41Physician Basic Information
OP7100Career Services
OP7300University Chaplaincy Services
OP7400University Rector Services
OP7600International Centre Services
10International Centre Council
30Management of International Centre Programs and Services
31International Student Advisory Services Files
32International Students Orientation Program
33Emergency Support Program Files
34Student/Staff Incident Abroad Files
35Emergency Warning Notices
36University Health Insurance Plan Files
37UHIP Data
38International Educator Training Program Administration
39Education Abroad Advisory Service
40Administration of QUIC Training
41QUIC Staff Training
OP7700Legal Aid Services
30Legal Aid Client Files
OP7710Correctional Law Legal Aid Services
OP7810Business Consulting Services
OP7820Coaching Services