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AD8000/9000 Information Management

AD8100University Information Technology Management
AD8200University Information Technology Project Management
AD8300Information Technology Education and Training
AD8400Audio-Visual Services
AD8500Information Technology Support Services
AD8700Departmental Computing
AD8800Web Content Management
31Web Content Standards
32Departmental Web Content
AD9100General Administration
AD9200Records Management
10University Records Management Committee (URMC) Files
30Records Management Program Files
40Records Retention Schedules Database
AD9250Departmental Record Keeping
31Records Maintenance Files
32Records Retrieval Files
33Records Disposition Files
AD9300Access to Information and Privacy
31Access Request and Appeal Files
32Privacy Breaches and Complaints Case Files
40Access to Information and Privacy Tracking System
AD9400Listserv Administration
AD9500Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements